Ludwig Simon, PhD candidate


Current Projects

UAV Flight

X-Ray CT

Degassing of Porous

Volcanic Media

Etna, Sicily


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Ludwig’s research is establishing new ways to analyze eruption processes across micron to kilometer scales.  To do this he is developing techniques of remote gas measurement and eruption observation using multi-rotor  copters equipped with on-board sensors.  His work on the micro-scale processes involves applying X-Ray µCT facility at the University of Mainz. The image above to image the pore structures of volcanic material from the 2011 eruption of Cordón Caulle Volcano, Chile.   Blue colours show the simulated flow of gas through the complicated pumice pore structure.

Research:  X-Ray µCT, Fluid flow in Porous Media, UAV-based Volcanology, Dynamics of Rhyolite eruptions